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– a Mountain Rescue fundraiser

24 March 7pm

Marsden Mechanics

A special screening of the acclaimed Mountain (2017)
+ short films tba

“To those who are enthralled by mountains, their wonder is beyond all dispute. To those who are not, their allure is a kind of madness.”

Narrated by Willem Defoe, and scripted by Robert Macfarlane (‘Mountains of the Mind’) this new film by ‘Sherpa’ Director Jennifer Peedom is a poetic meditation on mountains everywhere.

Mountain film A3 poster

“Collated from more than 2,000 hours of footage shot in 15 countries, Mountain is a 70-minute rush of adrenaline; a safari into the sublime; a vertiginous voyage to the top of the world.” – The Guardian

Pie & peas supper (with veggie & vegan options) inc. in the ticket price.

Tikcets :

Sunday 04 March

The Olive Tree

Spain / 2016 / Dir Icíar Bollaín

98 mins. / BBFC Cert. 15

Cast includes: Anna Castillo,  Javier Gutiérrez,  Pep Ambròs,  Manuel Cucala,  Miguel Angel Aladren,  Carme Pla

Olive Movie photo ETC cinema trailer pic

A girl, her uncle and a friend start an emotional travel to recover a family tree. The search for the tree and what it has come to symbolise lies at the heart of this amusing and very human story of a family at war.

” The film has gentleness and charm” – The Guardian

“An earthy, quietly stirring Spanish fable that finds familial, regional and environmental grievances inseparably tangled in its branches” – Variety

International Woman’s Day screening

Sunday 01 April

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

New Zealand / 2016 / Dir Taika Waititi

101 mins. / BBFC Cert. 12A

Cast includes: Sam Neill,  Julian Dennison,  Rhys Darby,  Rima Te Wiata, Rachel House,  Oscar Kightley,  Tioreore Ngatai-Melbourne

hunt for the wilderpeople ETC cinema trailer

Stamped with Taika Waititi’s trademark offbeat comic sensibilities, Hunt for the Wilderpeople follows an orphaned boy used to city life who is left in the care of a foster family in rural New Zealand.

“A bit Up, a bit Moonrise Kingdom, a bit Midnight Run, even… Taika Waititi’s latest is an oddball treat of a mismatched-buddy pursuit movie” – Empire

Ticket Info:

All films: doors 7:00pm, film starts 7:30pm

Entry: free with membership (2017/18 membership still available), £5 for non-members, £4 for concessions.

Advance tickets (£5:00/£4:00 – concs. + booking fee) available from:

Shhh! Cinema at Magic Rock Tap

Shhh! cinema uses digital headphones to create an immersive cinema experience.

Sunday 25 February


UK/2009/Dir Duncan Jones

Cast includes: Sam Rockwell,  Kevin Spacey (voice),  Matt Berry,  Robin Chalk,  Dominique McElligott,  Kaya Scodelario,  Malcolm Stewart,  Benedict Wong

An astronaut miner extracting the precious moon gas that promises to reverse the Earth’s energy crisis nears the end of his three-year contract, and makes an ominous discovery in this psychological sci-fi film debut from Duncan Jones.

Moon film from ETC at Magic Rock Tap

“Moon is a gripping sci-fi tale, but also has a lot of heart and humanity.” The Times

“They do make ’em like they used to – a fresh blast of old-school sci-fi, bursting with ideas and a stellar turn from Rockwell.” Empire

“Solaris and Blade Runner meet Silent Running. A movie with both a brain and a heart.” Cinemania

Magic Rock Tap, Willow Lane, Huddersfield. Film starts 6:00pm.

Tickets £5/£4 (conc.) available at:

Sunday 25 March


FR/1985/Dir Luc Besson

Cast includes: Christopher Lambert,  Isabelle Adjani,  Richard Bohringer, Michel Galabru,  Jean-Hugues Anglade,  Jean-Pierre Bacri,  Jean Reno

A hugely fun and stylised second feature from Luc Besson (Leon, Fifth Element). Fred lives an opportunistic existence in the Paris subway system, surviving on whatever he can scam or steal. This is brutal, violent subterranean world, lit only by an artificial fluorescent glow and populated by all sorts of strange denizens. An offbeat romantic thriller which retains the love of weird incidental characters and surreal detail.

Subway film from ETC at Magic Rock Tap

“Luc Besson’s first film is a seedy look into Parisian subway culture.” Sunday Times (Australia)

“More style than substance here but what style it is and what little gems of cinematic moments collect together in this enjoyable ensemble.” Empire

Magic Rock Tap, Willow Lane, Huddersfield. Film starts 6:00pm.

Tickets £5/£4 (conc.) available at:

Sunday 22 April

Repo Man

US/1984/Dir Alex Cox

Cast includes: Emilio Estevez,  Harry Dean Stanton,  Vonetta McGee, Olivia Barash,  Sy Richardson,  Susan Barnes

A true cult classic from ‘Moviedrome’ presenter and indie auteur Alex cox. After discovering his parents have donated his college fund to a televangelist, frustrated punk Otto joins a repossession agency as an apprentice “repo man”.

Repo Man film from ETC at Magic Rock Tap

“A cult film par excellance.” Film4

“Repo Man has the type of unerring energy that leaves audiences breathless and entertained.” Variety

“There are endless things to enjoy, from Robby Müller’s crisp camerawork to a superb set of performances, from witty movie parodies to a tremendous punk soundtrack.” Time Out

Magic Rock Tap, Willow Lane, Huddersfield. Film starts 6:00pm.

Tickets £5/£4 (conc.) available at: